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National Donut Day

Coffee cup, a bag of coffee, and donut made of flowers


What is National Donut Day? Is it a day to have a reason to eat a sweet and sugary treat? Is it a day to celebrate donut shops giving away free donuts? Is it just a made up holiday for fun and to promote fried dough sales? Well, we found a story that dates back to 1917. National Doughnut Day honors the Salvation Army "lassies' of WWI, the original Army doughnut was first served in 1917. The Salvation Army started an annual pastry holiday to raise money honoring the proclaimed "doughnut lassies". These "lassies" were over 250 women the Army dispatched to deliver food to soliders on the front line in France. These volunteer women were sent to cook food and provide a morale boost for the troops. It was discovered that the metal battle helmets were perfect for frying up to 7 doughnuts in at a time. Lt. Colonet Helen Purviance is considered the Salvation Army's "first doughnut girl". Many doughnut shops (also abbreviated as donut) celebrate National Doughnut Day by offering free donuts to collect donations for the Salvation Army. If you find a local shop offering free doughnuts, enjoy your treat in rememberance of the solidiers of WWI and the women who made them doughnuts.

black and white photo of soldiers from WWI

 If you're looking to celebrate the National Doughnut Day without consuming the calories, we are offering flower donuts. Our local flower shop does not fry fresh doughnuts, we are making non-edible, fresh flowers in a donut shape, with sprinkles on top.  We also offer Higher Grounds coffee. Coffee is a great compliment to any donut.

May your coffee be strong and your weekend be long