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Grow Your Own Flowers

Thank you for choosing to grow flowers from Plumeria Botanical Boutique.

Your kit should include: A seed pack, fresh soil, a container, a popsicle stick, some sweet treats and an Easter egg.

You should place the soil in the clear container, then sprinkle the seeds from the Easter egg. Gently push the seeds just below the surface of the soil using the popsicle stick. When all the seeds are buried, glue the seed packet onto the popsicle stick to create a marker. Stand the marker up in the soil. Add some water (about 3 tablespoons), and water whenever the surface of the soil appears dry. Keep in the sunlight and watch your seeds root, and then grow up into beautiful flowers.

We are so glad you've chosen to enjoy fresh flowers indoors. Please follow our blog and Facebook for more DIY projects!