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Valentine's Day Wrap Up

heart shaped box of Valentine's Day candy

The Valentine's Day rush is over and we are glad to be able to stop and take a breath. That being said, we are forever grateful for all the help and support from family, friends, customers, and community. None of this would be possible without all of you. While we are working on ramping back down to reality, let's look at some of the national numbers for Valentine's Day 2018.

     $19.6 billion: The projected near record Valentine's Day spending according to the National Retail Federation. 2016 saw the highest projection at $19.7 billion.

     $143.56: The Valentine's Day related spending per consumer in the U.S.

     $4.7 billion: The amount to be spent on jewelry, the largest categorical spend for the holiday.

     $3.7 billion: An evening out, the second largest categorical spend for the holiday.

     $2.0 billion: And third, but far from least, flowers, the third largest categorical spend for Valentine's Day.