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Plumeria's Concierge Program

Red Rose and Bell

Plumeria is Pleased to Announce our Flower and Gift Concierge Program!



In the crazy chaos of today's schedules it can be difficult to remember it all. Plumeria Botanical Boutique invites you to sign up for our Concierge Program. Add your important dates to our calender and check them off your to-do list by automating your gift giving.

With our Concierge Service you are in the driver's seat. Schedule as many dates as you'd like for as many people as you'd like, in advance, at your convenience. You can schedule a delivery for a single occurence or have the order set up to reoccur as often as you wish. Want a reoccurring order to terminate on a specific date? No problem. You can enter the date you'd like the order termination to take place. Simply fill out the form providing us with the names, dates, occasions, and special instructions. We will deliver a truly special gift from you sure to convey your heartfelt thoughtfulness. 

We will send you an email prior to delivery allowing you to confirm the order and make any necessary adjustments. We will also send you a year-end summary allowing you to renew orders and make changes to your provided information. Whether it's one yearly order or four orders a month, let Plumeria make life a little easier.


Never forget an important date again. Sign up for automatic flower and gift delivery today!